Garden property hotspots have 42% higher house prices

Mortgage Introducer

March 23, 2018

Property prices are 42% higher in areas of England with a lot of gardens, research from Emoov.co.uk has found.

Areas where residential gardens account for 30% or more of the total landscape, have an average price tag of £343,344, higher than the average of £242,286 in England.

It’s estimated that gardens can add up to 20% to a property’s value.

Russell Quirk, chief executive of Emoov.co.uk, said: “A garden is right up there with some of the most desirable features of a property and so it’s important to maximise its property sale potential, particularly as we head towards British Summer Time.

“While the presence, positioning and size of the garden are ultimately the factors that dictate the price premium of your property, a well presented outdoor space can be the tipping point in converting a viewer to a buyer.

“Buying a property is an emotive process and so enabling someone to picture themselves in your garden during those long summer afternoons can make all the difference.

“You don’t have to get Ground Force in for a complete renovation but make sure you get those smaller, simple jobs done, such as mowing the lawn, painting the fence and so on.”

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