Gatehouse tops best buy savings table

Mortgage Introducer

February 27, 2018

Gatehouse Bank is raising funding with two savings accounts at the top of best buy tables.

The bank has a 60 day notice account with a rate of 1.15% with a minimum initial deposit of £1,000. As the name suggests funds can be withdrawn with 60 days’ notice.

Meanwhile Gatehouse Bank’s 31 day notice account has the joint best rate on the market.

Charles Haresnape (pictured), chief executive of Gatehouse Bank, said: “These latest rates show that ethical savings can be not just market-leading but, in the case of our 60 Day Notice account, table-topping.

“As a Shariah-compliant UK bank, we are ethical by default. This means that all savers can be reassured that their money will never be invested in companies in, say, the gambling, alcohol, tobacco and arms sectors.

“Our goal is to offer an alternative to all UK savers for whom returns are not just market-leading but ethical to boot.”

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