Generation Rent has been let down by the government

Ryan Bembridge

August 9, 2017

The majority of UK adults feel Generation Rent has been let down by the government, LetBritain research has found.

Three in five (61%) accuse the government of failing to do enough to help young renters get on the housing ladder, while two thirds (67%) reckon the government is out of touch with their wants and needs.

In London nearly many adults (42%) are contemplating buying cheaper property as a buy-to-let elsewhere while still living in the capital.

Fareed Nabir, chief executive of LetBritain, said: “With more and more people across the UK coming to rely on the private rental sector, the results of today’s research are concerning.

“Whilst many renters are working hard to enter the property market, they clearly do not feel the government understands the issues faced by tenants.

“Interestingly, the findings show that Generation Rent is now increasingly looking to buy properties outside of their chosen place of residence so they can still get onto the property ladder without having to sacrifice the location or quality of the property they wish to live in.”

Two thirds (64%) believe life for UK renters is going to get more difficult in the next five years.

LetBritain surveyed 2,000 people for the research, of which 31% were renters.

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