Geodesys launches drainage and water report for new builds

Michael Lloyd

October 2, 2019

Geodesys, a provider of conveyancing searches for residential and commercial properties, has launched a drainage and water report for newly built homes in the Anglian Water region.

The Geodesys NewBuildDW provides data on water and sewage connections and focusses specifically on the information relevant to new build residential properties. It also includes several pages of extra tips and advice for buyers.

Jonny Davey, product manager for Geodesys, said: “We are committed to providing all the information home buyers and their legal advisors may need on a property to avoid any unnecessary future risks and additional costs.

“We decided to launch this new product after identifying a gap in the market for a comprehensive report which has been specifically tailored to provide information for new build residential properties.

“All data used in the report is sourced from Anglian Water, which retains liability for its accuracy.”

The report will provide 17 questions including two high quality water and sewerage maps, a customer dashboard highlighting information, an interactive navigation and £5m professional indemnity insurance.

Davy added: “Produced by industry experts, our streamlined report clearly outlines all the most pertinent information.  Some data contained in a full CON29DW is simply not available for new builds, so NewBuildDW allows conveyancers to access the key details at a more competitive price.”

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