GetAgent: Demand for listed homes at 52.7%

Jake Carter

October 20, 2021

Across the nation, the average demand for grade listed homes is currently 52.7%, with more than half of all listed homes already under offer or sold subject to contract, according to GetAgent.

The highest demand was found in Bournemouth (76.9%), followed by Southampton (75.9%), Sheffield (66.7%), Oxford (61.9%), and Portsmouth (60%).

However, despite demand being high in many cities, the chances of actually buying a grade-listed home remain low.

This is because listed homes account for such a low percentage of the homes currently on the market, just 3.7% of all for sale stock across the nation.

There were just four major cities where availability exceeded this average; Southampton (6.9%), Manchester (6.2%), Plymouth (6%), and Liverpool (4.9%).

In all other major cities, grade listed availability was found to be below average, nowhere more so than in Glasgow (0.2%), Edinburgh (0.4%), and Aberdeen (0.5%), and Swansea (0.7%), Cardiff (0.8%), and Newport (0.8%).

Colby Short, founder and chief executive of GetAgent, said: “Housing market demand is incredibly high and buyers are going to extraordinary lengths to secure purchases and fend off competitors.

“For sellers, this is wonderful news; rarely have they been in a stronger position than they are today.

“But perhaps those in the strongest position of all are sellers with a grade-listed home.

“They are particularly hard to come by and their unique nature keeps them in high demand amongst the nation’s homebuyers.

“Of course, they aren’t for everyone and a grade-listed home comes with a range of rules, regulations and responsibilities to adhere to.

“However, for those that wish to own a small piece of the historic fabric of our nation, they are very sought after indeed.”

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