GetAgent: Homebuyers willing to pay more for south-facing gardens

Jake Carter

April 1, 2021

movebubble garden

An estimated 71% of homebuyers are more likely to buy a house because it has a south-facing garden, according to research from GetAgent.

The data from GetAgent also found that 42% would pay more for a property if it was south-facing, and that 71% of those would pay approximately 5% above the asking price.

Additionally, 23% would pay as much as 10% more, and 5% would pay 20% more than the property’s value if it has a south-facing garden.

Colby Short, founder and chief executive of GetAgent, said: “We often see estate agents deploy a good deal of creativity when it comes to selling a home, plugging the strangest of features as ‘desirable’.

“However, a south-facing garden is one of those traditional aspects that really will appeal to buyers and so it’s vital to communicate this fact when bringing your property to market.

“Not only will it help you attract more buyer interest, which can drive up the sum offered for your home as it is, but it could also tempt them to push their budget that little bit further when they do submit an offer.”

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