GetGround and Molo integrate to improve BTL administration

Jake Carter

July 15, 2021


GetGround and Molo have entered into a partnership with the intention to improve the administration behind a buy-to-let (BTL) purchase.

GetGround is a digital service for company formation, management and current accounts in the UK BTL market, and Molo is a digital, direct to consumer BTL mortgage lender.

Through the partnership, the businesses will integrate, and UK BTL investors and landlords will be able to form a company, open a current account and secure mortgage finance in three interconnected steps.

Moubin Faizullah Khan, co-founder and chief executive at GetGround, said: “This partnership creates one comprehensive service that never before existed.

“It’s an innovation that significantly reduces the cost, time and admin-induced headaches that these requirements all too often create for our customers when handled in isolation.

“Our tech savvy customers come to GetGround because they value how quickly and efficiently we can help them form and manage their investment companies.

“It’s no wonder that they want and expect the same high level of service from their mortgage lender.

“We’re delighted therefore that our first lender relationship has been forged with Molo. Molo’s digital approach is fast setting the standard for mortgage lending in the sector.”

Francesca Carlesi, co-founder and chief executive at Molo, added: “Through this partnership, customers can easily set up a limited company and realise their buy-to-let ambitions with a fast and easy-to-use service.

“Whether it’s with GetGround or Molo, they’ll receive the same unique experience and the same combination of benefits.

“An increasing number of our customers want to buy their properties through companies instead of personal ownership.

“But there was previously a gap in the market for platforms that helped them do so with the sort of pace, flexibility and competency that’s needed.

“Therefore, we welcome this solution with GetGround and look forward to helping more of our own customers benefit from this important partnership.”

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