GHL announces Trigold partnership

Amanda Jarvis

March 24, 2006

The provision of this link means network members who use the GHL Group version of Trigold’s Propspector software can now go straight to www.ghl-live.co.uk to source information and quotes on life and general insurance products available to them.

Each time a KFI is requested on a product within Trigold, an insurance page will ‘pop-up’, giving the broker an option to discuss Insurance requirements with their clients. The link appears on this page, showing the GHL logos as well as Hanover Park Commercial branding.

Whilst this is the primary way of utilising the link, brokers can also locate it directly without the need to go through the sourcing process. This can be done by selecting the insurance shortcut within the Trigold main menu screen, or whilst in a new or existing client’s fact find. In both cases, the insurance ‘pop-up’ transfers them straight to the insurance section of the GHL Group website.

The Trigold sourcing software is given free of charge to all members of the GHL Group network, and this package enables them to provide a service to their clients.

John Smith, sales & marketing director at GHL Group, said: “We are constantly striving to ensure that our network members have access to any available technology that will assist them in saving valuable time when dealing with their clients. This new link between Trigold and our interactive website is a simple, yet effective way for brokers to access our new Insurance service which can then be incorporated into their normal sales routine.”

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