GHL enhances online service

Amanda Jarvis

March 10, 2006

As with the online mortgage DIP, this service offers both appointed representatives and directly authorised advisers the opportunity of submitting their secured loan enquiries electronically to be sourced and placed with one of the providers on the GHL Group panel.

The online DIP enables the user to enter all the relevant details about their clients along with their personal circumstances and loan requirements. When completed, the information is sent direct to the secured lending department.

Once received, the information provided will be used to source and place the case with the most suitable lender available. An e-mail is then sent to the introducer advising them that a DIP response has been entered onto the website for them to view. At this point, the adviser can log-in to their own personalised section of the website, where they are able to view responses to DIPs they have submitted, as well as retrieving previously, or part completed ones. The whole process offers a turnaround time of no more than four working hours from receipt.

If the client then wishes to proceed with the recommended product and provider, the website also provides the adviser with application forms for each lender, which can be viewed, downloaded or printed as required.

John Smith, sales & marketing director at GHL, said: “The secured lending service we provide our network members is a rapidly growing part of our business, which is why we have developed this fully interactive online DIP form. An increasing number of advisers are finding out how financially rewarding this type of lending can be for them, and this new facility we provide makes the whole process a straightforward and time saving way of conducting business with us.”

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