GHL Group launches 'real time' case tracker

Amanda Jarvis

January 18, 2006

The release of this service marks the next stage in an ongoing program to provide the GHL Group Network with a comprehensive e-commerce solution that is not only highly efficient but also functional in its design and operation.
The website itself is accessed by the satellite packager using a unique username and password, and from the moment a packaged case is received by GHL Group, they will be able to track the progress of the case right up to the point of completion.
Once logged in, the satellite packager is presented with a complete list of all their live cases, along with a basic overview of each. From here, they can access more in depth information by clicking on any given case to view the complete tracking timeline. Alternatively, they are able to search for a particular case using a unique ID given to each application, or by using the client’s name.

With notes posted almost as they happen, the packager will have the ability to not only view a chronological list of case notes, but also to raise any questions they may have, or reply to queries made by the underwriter. Each time a change is made to one or more of their cases, they will receive an e-mail alert advising them a new note has been added. This whole process operates in near ‘real time’ as the system updates every five minutes.

The sole purpose of this new facility is to streamline the process of communication between underwriter, satellite packager and introducer and as a result save precious time for all concerned. To ensure this process achieves the highest possible service standards, GHL Group guarantee a maximum, two hour response time on all queries and replies posted by the satellite packager.

Neville Sharman, operations director of GHL Group commented, “We are continually striving to provide our network with the very latest technology possible and every aspect of our e-commerce solution is carefully designed in order to streamline the speed and efficiency of service for our members. This latest facility is just one of several functions our new website will provide and further enhancements will be released in the near future.”

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