GoCompare partners with Mojo Mortgages

Jessica Bird

June 14, 2021

GoCompare has become the latest business to partner with online mortgage broker Mojo Mortgages, with the aim of bringing customers greater financial confidence.

GoCompare customers can now compare personalised deals using Mojo’s technology, which can also signpost them through to expert advice with a CeMAP registered Mojo mortgage adviser.

According to Mojo, more than 90 lenders and 10,000-plus deals are compared, with the most suitable shown to the customer after an online process that takes 10 minutes, direct from the GoCompare site.

This applies to those seeking their first mortgage, moving home or remortgaging.

Other businesses to recently form partnerships with Mojo Mortgages include Zoopla and Monzo, as well as impact Specialist Finance for complex case referrals.

Richard Hayes, CEO of Mojo Mortgages, said: “Everyone uses GoCompare to lower their monthly outgoings – it’s a given that nobody likes overpaying on insurance and utilities.

“Yet mortgage repayments dwarf all other expenditure, so it makes absolute sense that we all should have more clarity if we’re paying too much for our mortgage.

“This partnership does that. It provides absolute transparency to the users of GoCompare. And if they do see a deal that can save money, then it’s so simple to apply for it with Mojo.

“Mortgages are the final financial service to get the full online comparison treatment, but we believe for some people, advice will remain a key part of the process.

“So, our hybrid broker/technology proposition means comparison experts like GoCompare can offer their customers a truly end-to-end mortgage journey.”

Hayes added: “Working with partners has always been a big goal for Mojo in our bid to bring more confidence and choice to mortgages.

“Traditionally, people haven’t been able to compare all their mortgage options, and this limited choice has cost `some of them hundreds of pounds a month.

“By working with GoCompare – a household name known to save people money – we know more and more people will use our Mojo tech, speak to our advisers and get a better deal – one that’ll put some money back in their pockets ahead of what could be a tricky economic future.”

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