Goldsmith Williams launches Bridging Borrower Direct

Robyn Hall

October 17, 2012

Partner Eddie Goldsmith said: “Time and time again we hear the same story in the bridging world – that often delays can be caused by a lack of understanding of the legal process by borrowers own lawyers.

“We are specialists in acting for bridging borrowers and so it seemed the obvious thing to launch a proposition to solve this.”

Goldsmith added: “Many of the bridging lenders out there take comfort that a borrower has been advised of all the risks involved in bridging and they have been seen by a solicitor who can check identity.

“Our proposition provides all this and we have included in our fees the cost of sending the client to a local solicitor. Even with this our fees compare favourably with the average charge of the local solicitor for doing this work”

“I have received a great deal of support from lenders and packagers who I have spoken to already. The overwhelming view is that this is a service which will really bring benefit to the borrowers and smooth the whole process along.”

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