Goodlord launches rent collection feature

Jessica Bird

November 16, 2021

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Goodlord has launched its Rent Collection product, which automates payment reminders to tenants, aiming to eliminate the need for manual chasing by letting agents.

Goodlord Rent Collection will automatically send tenants a reminder to pay three days before their rent is due and chase again as soon as a payment is late.

For customers also using Goodlord’s rent protection and legal expenses insurance, the automatic claims process will kick in if rent is more than two weeks late.

The tool has been available to some customers for a few months in beta mode, and will now be available to anyone using the lettings platform.

The technology also ensures that 100% of rental payments are reconciled correctly through the use of unique account numbers.

This will eliminate reconciliation issues, such as tenants using incorrect payment details, meaning that all payments will be correctly recognised and automatically reconciled.

The rent collection product is set to be enhanced further in the coming months, through the introduction of new products and additional integrations with financial software.

Alessandro Venerandi, rent collection manager at Goodlord, said: “The launch of Goodlord Rent Collection marks a major milestone for our lettings platform; extending the journey for our customers and their tenants beyond the pre-tenancy process to the tenancy itself.

“In doing so, we are not only making it easier to pay and collect rent but, by introducing automatic chasing, we’re also helping get landlords paid on time.”

Justin Matthews of Hotspur Residential, said: “We started using Goodlord Rent Collection as soon as we could. Goodlord’s lettings platform is already ingrained in our processes and we’ve always been early adopters of any new features.

“We love the automatic reminders to tenants that their rent is due because not only does it save our team time, but it’s also genuinely helpful for our tenants and improves their renting experience.”

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