Green Finance Institute launches green mortgage hub

Jake Carter

November 25, 2021

green finance hub

The Green Finance Institute has launched a green mortgage hub, an online resource collating publicly available information on UK green mortgages into an interactive table.

The table will be available alongside a library of articles, reports, tools and pilots related to the green mortgage market.

The hub aims to inform lenders considering the green mortgage market, as well as being a source of information for mortgage intermediaries, policymakers and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) focused on decarbonising the built environment.

Emma Harvey, programme director at Green Finance Institute, said: “The finance sector is starting to embrace the opportunities that green products offer to support their customers in the decarbonisation of their homes, and providing information, tools and case studies can help to encourage innovation.

“The Green Mortgage Hub will provide a snapshot of UK green home financing, acting as a resource for lenders to continue developing innovative green home finance solutions.”

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