Grey Matter Marketing launches training courses

Jake Carter

May 13, 2021

website launch

Grey Matter Marketing has launched online marketing training courses designed for marketers in the mortgage and lending sectors.

It has also launched a new mentoring service and a tailor-made programme for senior marketers, simply known as Sounding Board.

The new training courses complement existing courses and are designed to give marketing teams insight into a complex and dynamic market.

The new online courses cover best practice B2B marketing, marketing optimisation and the art of self-promotion.

Jeff Knight, founder of Grey Matter Marketing Solutions, said: “After delivering a range of bespoke training this year, feedback showed a demand for more online training.

“This allows course content to be consumed on demand to suit the viewer and are delivered through a secure standalone training platform.

“The world has changed at a fast pace. Therefore, to compliment the courses I have introduced a mentoring programme for marketers, to help stay ahead of new trends and mortgage market changes.

“The Sounding Board is unique and is designed to give an extra set of ears to senior marketers.”

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