Ground Level calls for 'trustworthy representation'

Amanda Jarvis

March 23, 2006

Unethical practices by certain high street estate agencies has highlight house hunters’ real need for trustworthy representation, advised property search company Ground Level Properties.

Revelations made the BBC Whistleblower programme have shown that buyers using high street agents may be at risk of falling victim to scandalous malpractice which could cost them dearly.

The BBC’s findings showed that certain agents and mortgage brokers swap confidential client details in order to squeeze every last penny they can out of unsuspecting buyers. Property prices are distorted in order to persuade buyers to stretch to their absolute limit, ensuring top level commission for the agent.

“The BBC has courageously exposed what we have always known to be the case – that whilst many agents run reputable businesses there are a significant few who will stop at nothing to make a sale and line their own pockets at the expense of their clients,” said Ground Level Properties managing director Josh Boulton.

“Our experience and knowledge of the market deters unscrupulous agents from attempting to take advantage of our clients,” he added.

“Our primary function is to act as a trustworthy intermediary between the buyer and the property market,” said Boulton. “We do not represent the seller and therefore guarantee that the buyer will be given a true picture of the value of the property.

“It’s plain that achieving sales by deception is positively encouraged by a minority of agents who are souring public perception of the industry,” he added. “We condemn this appalling practice and advise buyers to use a reputable search agent to ensure they do not fall victim to these rogues.”

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