GW Defend against mortgage mis-selling claims

Robyn Hall

April 10, 2013

There is growing concern in the mortgage industry that more and more time is going to have to be spent dealing with CMC’s who are alleging mortgage mis-selling.

Eddie Goldsmith, senior partner, said: “I am genuinely sorry to see how much press space is being generated around the whole question of mortgage mis-selling – unfortunately it doesn’t look as if it is going to go away anytime soon.

“Despite the fact that many of these claims will be spurious and can be robustly defended they will take up valuable time and the resources of mortgage introducers – even though they are confident the claim against them is groundless.

“We strongly support the call for claimants to pay a fee whenever referring a case to FOS- it is grossly unfair that the industry should have to pick up the tab for spurious claims in addition to having to use their own resources to defend the claim in the first place.”

Williams added: “We also know that an experienced person dealing with initial requests and complaints can quite often bat any such potential claim away.

“This is not at all like the PPI market where all now accept that there was generic mi-selling by the institutions – each potential claim will have to be looked at individually as to what can or should not be said in response. With our experience in dealing with these claims already, we are confident we will be able to help the mortgage industry fight back.

“We are offering a fixed menu service for dealing with any cases from the initial request for information right through to FOS, if it ever gets there. Our in house specialist Kara Britton who has dealt successfully with many such cases is now on hand to help the industry defend these cases.”

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