GWlegal launches buy-to-let toolbox

Michael Lloyd

April 4, 2018


GWlegal has launched a buy-to-let toolkit, aimed at providing valuable guidance to lenders, brokers and clients alike.

It contains all the information first-time and experienced landlords could require about the buy-to-let process and aims to improve the entire chain of service.

It includes a ‘buy-to-let guide’, with information and FAQs about stamp duty, information for landlords and a checklist for landlord responsibilities, including HMOs.

There’s also a ‘company buy-to-let guide’, with information and FAQs about the requirements and obligations for the limited company environment, what you need to be aware of as a director/shareholder and how to run the company.

Emma Hall, head of sales at GWlegal, said: “With so many changing rules and regulations, the buy-to-let sector is becoming increasingly complex to navigate, to the point many transactions now require not just your average conveyancer but a specialist property lawyer to get the job done right.

“Nonetheless, it is booming and as such, we thought it would be a good idea to ensure our clients and partners are as informed about the legal aspects of buy-to-let as possible. We are the first law firm to offer such a service, so this is something that is really much needed.

“Our toolkit, available in an attractive online format on our innovative case management system, is completely free and available to any broker or lender who signs up to GWlive.

“We really think this will aid communication between all parties in the buy-to-let transaction chain, with brokers being more informed, as well as the clients, given all the guides and FAQs can easily be printed off and distributed at will. Everybody wins.”

Eddie Goldsmith, partner at GWlegal, added: “I am delighted to offer our clients this great new service, which reflects our rebrand as a modern law firm, and shows our dedication to specialist areas, such as company buy-to-let.”


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