GWlegal launches specialist buy-to-let service

Ryan Bembridge

March 12, 2018

Liverpool-based law firm GWlegal has launched a service tailored to specialist buy-to-let brokers and landlords.

The service is called GW Expert Buy-To-Let and will provide advice and guides detailing the rules and regulations associated with investing in property with a mortgage.

Emma Hall (pictured), head of sales at GWlegal, said: “With so many changing rules and regulations, the buy-to-let sector is becoming increasingly complex to navigate, to the point, many transactions now require not just your average conveyancer but a specialist property lawyer to get the job done right.

“Our team has those specialist skills and we want to encourage as many brokers and clients as possible to choose a specialist over their local solicitor, who may not be equipped to deal with these very specific, yet increasingly common, property transactions.”

GWlegal staff have been trained on complex buy-to-let and limited company transactions from partner and Conveyancing Association chairman Eddie Goldsmith as well as MBL Seminars’ Kerry Gibbons.

The firm also plans to relaunch its ‘Buy-To-Let Toolkit’ later in the month, which will be available on its online case management system GWlive.

Eddie Goldsmith, partner at GWlegal, said: “I am delighted to offer our clients this great new service, which reflects our rebrand as a modern law firm, and shows our dedication to specialist areas, such as company buy-to-let.

“You wouldn’t hire a plumber to paint your walls, just as you shouldn’t hire a non-specialist solicitor to complete your specialist property case.

”With more than 30 years’ property experience, I believe GWlegal is the right firm for the job!”

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