GWlegal to take up less office space due to agile working

Michael Lloyd

May 2, 2019

Over the next few months GWlegal will move to a smaller office in the same building they moved to in 2017, 20 Chapel Street, as its culture of agile working grows.

Since 2017 GWlegal has changed the way it works with heavily integrated IT systems and to promote flexible working for staff. This modern approach is said to provide a better work-life balance.

The firm is still growing and looking to recruit staff across property, equity release, remortgages and particularly conveyancing.

Chris Williams, partner at the firm, said: “Technology has always been at the heart of what we do, and we’ve invested heavily in our systems and processes over the last three years. We want to ensure we offer the strongest customer journey possible for all our clients and easier work access for our staff.

“A relocation to an office space that better suits the way we now work is the next natural step as agile and flexible working becomes more popular. As an example, we have one of our departments which is operated by 40 members of staff but only eight in the office at any one time.

“More people are working from home.

“It’s just the recognition that the old office culture is no longer the future and the new culture is agile working, working from home more, not having to commute so frequently to, saving inconvenience and money on travel and people can adapt their personal life more easily like doing the school run. It’s just the recognition times are changing.

“We’re also looking to recruit more staff and hope the concept of working from home will be attractive to people.

“We’re excited for the next chapter of GWlegal’s 35-year history and are thrilled that 20 Chapel Street will still be our home.”

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