H2B won’t help specialist lenders

Sam Cordon

October 14, 2013

Jupp said: “There has been talk of Help to Buy trickling down and having a positive effect on the specialist lending market. Those who think that it will happen are wrong.”

But Jupp was keen to point out the role he believes specialist lenders have to fill in the market.

The AOBP chair pointed to recent figures from Shelter which revealed that some 7.4 million homes are below the government’s standards for what makes and acceptable home.

He said: “7.4 million homes are currently below the governments own standards. Housing stock is getting worse.

“As stock continues to decline short term lending has a role to play in helping to up standards.

“The market needs short term lending.”

Jupp made his comments in his inaugural speech as AOBP chairman at the astl annual conference which was held on Friday in London.

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