Habito: Don’t expect a rate drop this Thursday

Ryan Fowler

January 28, 2020

BoE Money and Credit - mortgage approvals

Ahead of the Bank of England interest rates announcement on Thursday online mortgage broker Habito has claimed that the chance of a rate drop now look increasingly less likely. 

There has been increasing speculation of late that interest rates are set to drop following comments from three members of the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC).

Governor Mark Carney previously said that interest rates could be cut if economic performance was weak. Additionally, both Gertjan Vlieghe and Silvana Tenreyro suggested that they could vote for a cut.

The last meeting of the MPC saw members vote 7-2 in favour of keeping rates at 0.75%.

But Martijn van der Heijden, chief strategy officer at Habito, believes a change has now become unlikely.

He said: “Noises of a coming reduction to The Bank of England’s base rate seem to have been reduced to a murmur over the last few days, thanks to a stronger than expected jobs market and a more positive picture for wage/inflation rates.

“Any future rate change may all come down to the impact of Brexit – something that the Bank may not want to pre-empt. Instead, it’s looking more likely it’ll opt for a wait and see approach this Thursday.

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