Over half of consumers favour online platforms over letting agents

Jessica Nangle

October 16, 2017

Over half of consumers (51%) rely on online solutions for the vast majority of their products and services, a survey by LetBritain has revealed.

In addition, 45% of UK adults favour online services over other solutions; with just under a third (29%) refusing to use a business if there is no online service.

The survey revealed that 57% of those surveyed will be replaced by online or app-based competitors by 2027 whilst 31% believe using high-street letting agents to rent out a property is outdated, so 25% prefer to use online-only services such as Gumtree.

The research found that customer dissatisfaction was particularly prevalent in the letting market, with both renters and landlords voicing their strong discontent at the lack of quick, accessible and easy online services available to those seeking to rent a property.

Fareed Nabir, chief executive of LetBritain, said: “Over the past decade, online solutions have drastically transformed the way we conduct business.

“Today’s research clearly shows that consumers not only expect but now demand that companies provide their services online.

“For businesses in the rental market, the choice is simple – integrate and embrace online solutions or run the risk of being outpaced by changing consumer demand.”

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