Halifax joins forces with Google

Jessica Nangle

November 13, 2017

Halifax has teamed up with Google to help homebuyers understand property jargon.

The Halifax Jargon Buster hopes to provide relatable and easy to understand analogies to help explain common property terms including ‘gazumping’ and ‘valuations’ and includes dictionary definitions and videos.

Consumers can access the jargon buster dictionary using Google assistant on mobile devices and Google Home.

Tim Male, head of innovation and communications at Halifax, said: “Buying a home is usually the biggest financial commitment we make in a lifetime, and we know that mortgage and property market terms can feel difficult to grasp – with many people turning to Google for help.

“This felt like the perfect opportunity to join forces with Google to help people navigate the home buying process more confidently and get a step closer to their dream home.”

More than 25 of the top googled mortgage terms are currently featured on the Halifax jargon buster and others will continue to be added.

David Black, managing director, finance & services at Google UK, added: “We are excited to partner with The Halifax to provide the jargon buster through the Google Assistant, supporting consumers as they make their way through the sometimes confusing process of buying a home.

“Using our actions on Google technology, Halifax can provide first time buyers with home-buying information that’s entertaining and easy to understand.”

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