Halloween home damage warning

Sarah Davidson

October 30, 2012

Previous years’ celebrations have left more than five million (21%) British households suffering from property damage leaving Brits with a £1.4bn bill as a result of “mischief week”.

The most common cause of damage, which has affected 10% of British homes, is eggs being thrown. Around 6% of households have also had their garden plants and fences damaged or removed.

Other causes of property damage were fireworks and sparklers 3%, hosting a house party 2% and items posted through letter boxes 2%.

And almost a million Britons have been attacked by people using fireworks as weapons.

Those living in Yorkshire and the Humber have suffered the most damage to their homes, with 15% of residents in the region having fallen victim to vandalism in the past.

Richard Al-Dabbagh, spokesman for Santander Insurance, said: “Halloween and bonfire night should be about light-hearted family fun but unfortunately this can often bring with it accidents and anti-social behaviour.

“Much of the damage that occurs during mischief week is the result of seemingly harmless pranks like egg throwing but the research also highlights an alarmingly high incidence of petty crime and threatening behaviour.”

He added: “These are annual traditions that the public should be able to enjoy without feeling their home or personal wellbeing is under threat but this doesn’t change the fact that the risk of crime and accidents is elevated during mischief week.

“We would advise all homeowners to make sure that the main entrances to their homes are secure, and to make the property look occupied, even if it isn’t. For peace of mind and to minimise the inconvenience if any damage is caused we also urge people to keep their property and possessions protected with comprehensive home insurance.”

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