HaMuch.com: With precautions essential maintenance work can continue

Jessica Bird

April 17, 2020

essential maintenance

Following the news that there were 48,012 incidents in Britain last year caused by gas, fire or electricity issues resulting in death or injury, tradesperson comparison site HaMuch.com has recommended that essential maintenance work continue to take place despite lockdown limitations.


Homeowners should consider whether the work is essential, excluding minor issues such as blocked sinks or broken guttering, but should not ignore faults concerning gas, electricity or any other potential fire hazard.

Tarquin Purdie, founder and CEO of HaMuch.com, said: “It’s completely understandable that you may have some hesitations around allowing a tradesperson into your home and we don’t advise you to do so for anything that can wait.

“However, there is a very real danger of death or fire involved where gas and electricity is concerned, and so any faults concerning these issues should be resolved as quickly as possible.

HaMuch.com recommended that individuals seek remote quotes and advice initially, and request precautions if work needs to be done in person.

These precautions should include asking if the tradesperson has been in contact with anyone with symptoms of COVID-19, and establishing what protective measures will be taken within the home while work is being done.

Social distancing guidelines should also be followed, as well as deep cleaning once the tradesperson has finished.

Purdie added: “It simply isn’t worth the risk and there are plenty of measures you can take to make sure both you and your chosen tradesperson prevent any risk of infection from the coronavirus.

“They will no doubt be as worried as you so communication is key in a time like this to ensure both of you have your minds put at rest and the essential work can be carried out.”

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