HaMuch.com: Tradespeople can prevent further strain on emergency services

Jessica Bird

April 8, 2020


Tradesperson comparison site HaMuch.com has highlighted the importance of tradespeople in preventing potentially fatal issues around the home.


By avoiding calling tradespeople into their home due to self-isolation, HaMuch.com warned that people might attempt jobs beyond their skillset, resulting in injuries and further strain on emergency services and the NHS.

The comparison site also warned against leaving issues as they are during this time.

Tarquin Purdie, founder and CEO of HaMuch.com, said: “The threat of the coronavirus has seen a huge drop in demand for skilled tradespeople as many are worried about bringing them into their home for what could be deemed as non-essential contact.

“However, this poses a double-pronged threat as many may not only cause themselves harm through attempting jobs beyond their ability, but they could also ignore a potentially fatal fault such as issues with their gas or electricity which could have dire repercussions

HaMuch.com reported that over the last year there have been 48,012 incidents in Britain caused by gas, fire or electricity issues that resulted in death or non-fatal injury.

Purdie added: “We would urge anyone with concerns to contact a skilled professional and in no circumstances look to tackle the problem themselves.

“Like all of us, these professionals are taking the necessary precautions within their place of work to prevent the spread of coronavirus and the majority of times, the area of work in your home can be isolated so the work can be carried out without any threat to you or your family.

“Communication is key and so it’s important to voice any and all concerns with your tradesperson upfront so that they can formulate a plan to suit you and carry out the work with minimal contact.

“They really are the fourth emergency service in this respect and can prevent injury or worse from happening.”

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