Happy hours for Crystal Mortgages

Nia Williams

February 16, 2010

The increase has been attributed to the ongoing practice of some pub chains continuing to dispose of properties which have the ability to trade successfully, many of which are priced within reach of new entrants and experienced publicans in the marketplace.

The low Bank of England Base Rate, individuals and couples considering their current options after the recession and renewed economic optimism are also considered main factors as many look to acquire their own freeholds.

David Parke, director of operations for Crystal Commercial Funding, said: “We are seeing a return to the levels of business we witnessed before the recession, and we put the renewed interest down to the willingness of landlords to look at the independent freehold route.

“Many experienced publicans are seeking to acquire either larger or additional pubs and have historic accounts, but even if no track record is available, there are now lenders who are willing to consider applications based on the strength of the business plan.”

Birmingham-based Crystal Mortgages, through its near-prime commercial mortgage division, Crystal Commercial Funding, considers applications based on current payment ability over the more traditional serviceability checks.

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