Is it Happy New Year? Maybe not for some…

Paul Hunt

January 15, 2018

Paul Hunt is a marketing consultant

As the Christmas leftovers disappear from our fridges and the decorations are packed away for another 12 months, we see our TV screens filled with adverts for holidays to sun soaked destinations and sales.

Obviously this is a well established tradition, but it raises the question, as to what January means for mortgage brokers.

Sorry for being glum, but following the festive season, the reality of the cold weather, constant sniffles and stretched finances hit and research has shown the mid-winter months to be the least romantic period of the year. Between Christmas and Valentine’s Day couples are twice as likely to break up than at any other time of year.

Therefore, many people will be seeking trusted, professional advice to help them through this stressful time and yes, this does mean you need to look at how marketing can help you ensure you are in the best position to help.

Your primary focus should be with your existing customers and an email maybe offering a free mortgage review or offering a refer a friend initiative will keep you in their minds in case their circumstances have altered. Hopefully, none of your customers have experienced any problems, but with finances at breaking point, a pertinent reminder about being able to help them save money on their mortgage may hit home.

Also, an old bugbear of mine is ensuring your Google+ profile is up to date, a no brainer and will help you attract local people looking for a broker.

You may not think customers are more interested in The Maldives than their mortgage at this time of year, but you’d be surprised.

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