High Net Worth clients get exclusive protection

Robyn Hall

November 20, 2012

The policy provides a dedicated account manager, asset valuation and cover for items such as fine art and classic cars but also extends to the risk of ransom and kidnap, identity theft and bespoke travel arrangements.

Bruce Reid, managing director of Select & Protect, said: “For Intermediaries working with high net worth customers they already tend to be able to meet their financial or investment requirements.

“However when it comes to insuring the assets of their customers the products at their disposal tend not to enjoy the levels of cover or exclusivity that is required.

“That is where Select & Protect’s new partnership with Miles Smith can help.”

Reid added: “The simple referral service means Miles Smith takes responsibility for the sale reducing the risk to an intermediary of underinsurance.”

Jerry Pringle of Miles Smith Private Clients said: “We are delighted to partner Select & Protect in this exciting new venture.

“Having been a high net worth broker for the past 15 years I have come to understand that this type of insurance is supposed to be about peace of mind and knowing that when there is a problem it will be solved quickly and efficiently causing minimum disruption to a client’s busy life.

“I also know that all the personal service enhancements in the world will not make up for a poorly written insurance policy that will not pay out when you need it most.”

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