HIPs have not affected the property market

Nia Williams

February 8, 2010

This is the fifth time in a row that monthly valuations activity has exceeded that of the same month the year before. Such news, consistent with statistics being regularly released by other industries involved in home buying and selling, clearly negates claims that the property market is in any way adversely affected by Home Information Packs (HIPs).

Mike Ockenden, director general, AHIPP, commented: “Grant Shapps has consistently blamed HIPs for stifling the property market but as yet another set of statistics show, this simply isn’t the case. In reality, HIPs have enabled buyers and sellers to complete on the purchase and sale of properties more quickly, with greater assurance and less stress and cost. Many of our members report that home sales complete routinely within 30 days when an ‘exchange ready’ HIP is used and it is about time that this message rather than political spin is put in the public domain.”

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