HIV life assurance more available than ever

Jessica Nangle

December 1, 2016

Three quarters of UK insurers are now offering some type of HIV life assurance according to the latest results of Unusual Risks’ HIV insurance survey.

This is the sixth year that the availability of HIV life insurance has been evaluated.

There has been a gradual increase in in the number of life assurance companies offering life insurance for HIV positive consumers, with the number being 25% higher now than in 2011.

Chris Morgan, lead financial adviser of Unusual Risks, said: “Unusual Risks are constantly liaising with product providers to improve the availability and standards of HIV life insurance.

“I have recently been working with the Association of British Insurers to raise awareness of HIV Life Insurance and have written their new HIV and Life Insurance Consumer Guide.”

Unusual Risks have established that 33% of HIV positive people were unaware that life assurance was available to them.

Of those surveyed 22% of HIV positive people had cancelled an insurance policy due to their HIV diagnosis.

Furthermore, 40% of those cancelling would in fact have been covered by their policy.

The focus of the new HIV and ‘Life Insurance Consumer Guide’ is to help break the stigma associated with HIV Positive people accessing financial products.

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