HLP and MortgageSource team up

Ryan Fowler

January 26, 2015

HomeLoan Partnership recently selected 360 Dotnet as the provider of their new CRM solution, and MortgageSource has been fully integrated into the 360 Lifecycle system.

HLP members will now be able to record client fact find details, source mortgages and protection, produce suitability letters and KFI’s from within one system from any web enabled device at any time of the day.

James Tucker, managing director of Twenty7Tec, said: “After a thorough analysis of all available options, we are delighted to have been selected by HLP to be the networks chosen sourcing system provider for the next three years.

“The integration that we and 360 Dotnet have accomplished will drive huge efficiency in process for HLP members, enabling them to better service both their new, and existing clients.”

Chris Tanner, CEO of HomeLoan Partnership, added: “The introduction of the Mortgage Market Review last year has meant that mortgage and protection firms must look to create efficiencies in their business to take advantage of the current need for quality advice for consumers.

“By selecting Twenty7Tec, we feel we have given our members an accurate mortgage sourcing solution which, in turn, helps manage client expectations and reduce an adviser’s time referring to underwriting guides or on the phone to Lenders.

“Right first time sourcing” is not only good for consumers, but for lenders and the adviser themselves.”

Carlos Thibaut, managing director of 360 Dotnet, concluded: “This initiative with Twenty7Tec offers members of HLP a truly unique set of tools that can provide significant savings on the cost of running their business, generating invaluable extra hours in the working day, and leaving advisers to focus on their core strength – giving advice.”

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