HLPartnership has record month in mortgage lending

Jessica Nangle

August 19, 2019

Shaun Almond HLP

Independent mortgage and protection network HLPartnership has reported its members wrote £520m completed business in July.

This figure is a record month for mortgage lending in the network, and is a year-on-year increase of 13%.

Shaun Almond (pictured), managing director at HLPartnership, said: “We are delighted that HLP members continue to produce new mortgage business in such volumes, given the general national negativity being played out in the media.

“We are definitely witnessing a return of confidence and while the final moves on Brexit are yet to be seen, the mortgage market has not frozen up and it good to see that our members are still finding conditions conducive to helping customers to finance or refinance property.”

“Our proposition is continuing to evolve and we are seeing a consistent uptick in interest from mortgage and protection brokers attracted by our specialisation in their markets, our unique privately owned status, the integrated technology for mortgage and protection sourcing and onward transmission for DIPS and applications to lenders, as well as our burgeoning later life lending offering.

“In my opinion, HLP members are among the best served in the market.”

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