HML appoints head of continuous improvement

Yuan Phoon

November 21, 2011

He will be responsible for driving efficiency in the company and delivering an improved service to clients and will report to Neil Cartwright, director of change at HML.

Sutch said the goal of the organisation now was to keep benefiting from efficiency gains but to focus more exclusively on technology.

He said: “As a service organisation, our goal must always be to satisfy our clients’ needs. Deeply ingraining quality into our processes gives everyone the ability to do that on a day-to-day basis.

“We’ve made big strides in our business process management work, which is designed to make operational processes consistent and repeatable with minimal margin for error and I want our people to think in the same way.”

Cartwright added: “Mark is an experienced practitioner who has new ideas that will provide fresh impetus in this important aspect of HML’s culture.

“He will work with and develop employees in lean and six sigma principles to keep continuous improvement at the heart of our identity and our service to clients.”

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