Holdsworth Financial to be Directly Authorised

London based brokerage Holdsworth Financial Ltd (team pictured above) has announced that it has secured a Directly Authorised licence with the FCA with effect from August 1.

The business outsources most of its routine requirements to Derby based services-provider, Mortgageforce and places over £120m worth of loans each year.

It prides itself on being extremely proficient in the HNW and sophisticated prime arenas. It is also the official advisor to the Professional Cricketers Association and services the needs of a long-standing clientele drawn from the worlds of professional sport and the City’s financial institutions .

The business’ owner Simon Holdsworth said: “The prospects for the business are exciting and it feels great to be part of the Mortgage Force family as that firm too continues to develop and grow.

“With their help we will continue to expand the business both organically and through the targeted and discerning recruitment of high calibre brokers from elsewhere.”

Kevin Duffy , MD of Mortgageforce, added: “Forgive the topical sporting parallel, but this outfit is actually like an ICC cricket all-star team.

“There are no weaknesses in their teamsheet and Holdsworth himself is a man who always leads from the front.

“It’s also proof once more that self-confident and assured brokers don’t need the over-sold features of a mortgage network.

“The networks have their place for sure , and a few are now even profitable. But were i a broker myself once again, then I’d be placing more faith in my own brand, sovereignty and destiny.

“Additionally, this is a credit to the FCA – it is now approving Directly Authorised applications at an impressive rate of knots and from August, Simon’s business will absolutely fly, no doubt about it”

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