Home Buyer pays enhanced fees

Nia Williams

February 18, 2010

The Quid Pro Quo payment of £7.50 per case is additional to the standard referral fee paid to brokers by the conveyancing provider. It has been designed to cover the cost of using the Home Buyer software, by referring one sale and purchase case per month the monthly cost of HBSLite will be covered, with all other referrals earning additional income for the broker. Currently the scheme applies to referrals to Easier2Move and RG Solicitors – Home Buyer’s first conveyancing partner companies – but it will extended to cover other suppliers that may partner with Home Buyer Systems in future.

Richard Angliss explained: “As the challenging market conditions for brokers continue, we feel that the broker community needs some extra support. By introducing the Quid Pro Quo payment for conveyancing referrals through our system, we are making it possible for brokers to give their customers easy access to an excellent conveyancing service, earn the standard commission paid by the conveyancing supplier, and also earn an extra payment from us that will discount their licence fee for using the Home Buyer software.”

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