Home cover hit by trick or treat repair bill

Nia Williams

October 31, 2013

The cost of damage caused during this ‘mischief week’ period averages £227 per household amounting nationally to a staggering £1.38bn.

The most common cause of damage, which has affected 2.6 million (10%) British homes, is eggs being thrown. Around 1.6 million (6%) households have also had their garden plants and fences damaged or removed.

Property damage due to fireworks and sparklers (3%), hosting a house party (3%) and items posted through letter boxes (2%) has also contributed to the nation’s ‘mischief week’ repair bill.

Mark Russell, Santander Insurance, said: “Halloween and Bonfire Night are national celebrations that all families should be able to enjoy. However, many of the traditions we associate with these occasions such as lighting fireworks and ‘trick or treating’, have the potential to be quite intimidating and damage homes.

“For peace of mind and to minimise the inconvenience if any damage does occur, we also urge people to keep their property and possessions protected with comprehensive home insurance.”

The North East is the nation’s mischief week damage hotspot, with 32% of homes in the region having suffering damage over this period.

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