My Home Move 2017: This is the high point for brokers

Ryan Bembridge

May 11, 2017

This is the golden period for mortgage brokers but conditions will change when technology alters the homebuying process in the years ahead.

That was the view of Peter Williams (pictured), executive director of the Intermediary Mortgage Lenders Association, who gave a speech at the My Home Move 2017 annual conference today.

Williams said: “The way the world is changing you could argue we are in the golden period of the broker-led intermediary mortgage market.

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“After a while we may begin to see the digital impacts coming through in terms of how some processes can be automated and indeed changed.”

Williams reckoned conditions in the housing market are broadly stable, as he told delegates it has now absorbed the worst of the buy-to-let changes.

However he criticised a lack of joined-up thinking when it comes to such government intervention.

He blamed quantitative easing on the buy-to-let boom by making it far more profitable than savings, with the government then having to tamper with the market again to swing the balance in favour of owner-occupiers.

Such is the level of government involvement nowadays Williams claimed we are close to having a “state-run housing market”.

He added that this is likely to continue at the same level until 2021, when the government may finally withdraw policies like Help to Buy.

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