Hope Capital doubles maximum loan amount to £1.5m

Sam Cordon

October 8, 2013

Hope Capital now lend from £100k to £1.5m for up to six months.

Chief executive of Hope Capital, Jonathan Sealey, said: “We have recently completed a number of deals outside our lending parameters as we offer flexible bespoke bridging finance to borrowers; and we are continuing to see the larger deals come across our desk, and we have a number of deals due to draw that tip the scale of our new maximum loan value already. We are able to do this because we are privately funded and therefore not tied by the restraints of conventional lenders.

“Brokers that use us regularly are aware that we will review any loan even those that are above our max loan amount. Our ability to draw down quickly gives us a real advantage”

Hope Capital has ambitious growth targets for 2013 and is continuously expanding its loan book to help experienced property investors.

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