Hope Capital in recruitment drive

Sarah Davidson

September 4, 2013

The bridging lender announced plans to expand into Scotland earlier this month and is now looking for both a business development manager and an underwriter.

Hope Capital reported at the beginning of April that it had already completed bridging loans worth ten times more at the start of this year than it did over the same period last year, exceeding in just three months the number of loans that they did in the whole of last year and this growth has continued apace.

Jonathan Sealey, chief executive officer of Hope Capital, said: “We are looking for people with extensive knowledge of bridging loans and mortgages who understand the need for speed and for whom providing an excellent service is their number one priority.

“I fundamentally believe that it is our personal service, our ability to look at every case on its individual merits and still turn it around within 48 hours that has led to the phenomenal success that we have experienced over the past four years and particularly in the past few months.

“These new roles will be crucial to the development of our business and helping to grow Hope Capital to a level that we can help still more people with the short-term loans they need either to grow their businesses or to complete exciting developments around the country.”

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