Hope Capital launches new range and revamps products

Jake Carter

June 3, 2021


Hope Capital has launched a new product range, The Capital Collection, for all property types.

It has also revamped a number of its bridging finance products to enhance its offering.

As part of the new collection, rates on commercial deals have been reduced, having previously started at 0.90% to now being from 0.82% per month.

In addition, Hope Capital’s Seventies Collection, for residential property, now provides a maximum loan amount up to £1m.

Its Eighties Collection has also been updated to provide a revised offering to borrowers, with the bridging lender now taking mixed-use cases up to 70% LTV and interest rates starting at just 0.80% per month.

The Capital Collection allows for residential, mixed-use and commercial property. It is available up to 75% LTV and loans of up to £5m.

The range has been designed to meet a wide range of borrowers needs and is suitable for various borrowers, including those who live outside of the UK and have an imperfect credit rating.

Gary Bailey, managing director of Hope Capital, said: “With the property market currently being so active and the bridging finance industry remaining strong.

“We have seen a huge increase in enquiries over the last few months and have made it our priority to listen to feedback from our brokers and borrowers on the types of loans they would like to see in the market.

“In line with the launch of the Capital Collection, we have revamped a number of our highly demanded bridging loans, which includes increasing the Seventies Collection maximum loan amount to £1m.

“The changes have taken into consideration the feedback we have received and the needs of individual borrowers.

“By providing lower rates, higher LTVs and so forth, we are now even better positioned to offer more affordable and innovative solutions to brokers and their clients.”

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