House price rises under Tories double Labour

Robyn Hall

August 12, 2014

A Conservative Government is almost twice as beneficial to house prices with an average rise of 19% per annum over their 26 year tenure. This compares to a Labour performance of 10% per annum, buoyed almost entirely by Tony Blair who achieved growth of almost 21% each year in his ten year term.

Margaret Thatcher is, as expected, the Queen of home ownership and price rises.

During Maggie’s 11 years as Prime Minister, property prices grew by 22% per year. When elected in 1979 the average house price in the UK was £17,793 this flourished up to £61,495 by 1990.

Property expert Russell Quirk, founder of eMoov.co.uk, said: “When thinking about how to cast your vote in May 2015, our research might sway some people that prefer to think about benefits that are rather closer to home.

“We are politically agnostic at eMoov however the numbers are pretty distinct between the two main parties and they put the Conservatives way out in front. But if you’re a potential first time buyer, voting Labour next year would be hugely beneficial to the cost of your house purchase it would seem.”

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