HPC launches GHL partnership

Amanda Jarvis

March 10, 2006

HPC has joined forces with GHL Group to provide mortgage brokers with general insurance.

Andy Halstead, chief executive of HPC, said: “We attended GHL events in Birmingham and Kent to launch Hanover Park Commercial’s products to their network of mortgage brokers.

“Through us, the GHL Group network of mortgage brokers can offer their customers our HomeOwners Insurance, Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance and Let Plan, our specialist landlords’ let property insurance.

“This is the first venture into the mortgage intermediary marketplace for HPC and I’m delighted to be working with GHL. We’re providing market-leading products as a successful property insurance specialist, delivering solutions based on customers’ needs at a competitive price, in a marketplace where we fully understand the regulatory requirements.

“The GHL Group network can access our products through the web or by phone, and we’ll provide on-going support and training as required.”

John Smith, sales & marketing director of GHL Group, commented: “Hanover Park Commercial is a well respected and highly regarded force in the insurance industry, and naturally we are delighted to be able to work with them. This new relationship signifies the next stage in our strategic plan to provide an enhanced proposition to our mortgage network.

“The general insurance products that will be made available to our members are both innovative and extremely competitive, and for this reason we are confident that they will be well received by all concerned.”

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