HSBC slashes rates

Sarah Davidson

February 3, 2015

At the opposite end of the spectrum to 95% LTV 2-year fixes stands at 4.39% and 5-year fixes are 4.89%, both with a £99 fee.

The bank has also launched rate cuts on its 70% LTV products, offering 2-year fixes at 1.64% with a £1,499 fee and 2.29% with no fee.

To 80% LTV 2-year fixes stand at 1.99% to £1,499 fee and 2.69% with no fee, while 5-year fixes stand at 3.09% with a £1,499 fee and 3.89% with no fee.

HSBC is offering 2-year 90% LTV products at 3.19% with a £1.499 and 3.89% with no fee, while its 5-year fixes stand at 3.94% with a £1,499 fee and 4.79% with no fee.

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