HSBC and TSB cut rates this week

Michael Lloyd

July 25, 2019

Both HSBC and TSB have reduced their rate proposition by as much as 0.10%.

HSBC has reduced the rate on a 2-year fix residential mortgage by 0.10%, whilst TSB has cut the rate for a 5-year fix remortgage product by 0.05%.

HSBC offers a 2-year fixed rate mortgage at 80% loan-to-value (LTV), available to all borrower types in Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The product comes with a £999 product fee, a free valuation including for remortgage customers, and it allows for overpayments.

In addition, TSB offers a 5-year fixed rate remortgage at 60% LTV in Great Britain.

The product from TSB comes with a £995 product fee and free valuation, plus either free legal fees or £300 cashback.

TSB also allows overpayments and payment holidays.

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