#Hunt: Are you giving enough back?

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October 23, 2017

Paul Hunt is a marketing consultant

This week I’ve had some time to think about life, the universe and everything and I’ll be honest, I’m concerned.

Not because I didn’t come to the answer 42, but because I just don’t think I do enough to engage with the local community I live in, take environmental issues seriously and do my bit, plus actively support (not just by donating) charities that mean the most to me.

I don’t think I’m alone and it has made me think about what I am going to do about it. Therefore, my default position is always ‘make a plan’ and so here it is:

The Community

1. Find out what local events are on, decide which ones to attend & add to diary
2. Go to local pub once a week (this is the least difficult task on my list)
3. Be social, engage with people in person and on social media #livesocial
4. Every little counts, find one way you can make a difference

The Environment

1. Take recycling seriously and stop buying things that can’t be recycled, especially water in plastic bottles
2. Use less paper, reduce the mail I receive and get everything sent online
3. Coffee cups are bad and can’t be recycled, but I love coffee! Buy a recyclable travel mug and either make at home or get coffee shop to use
4. Save energy. Ensure lights are off when not needed, don’t use heating unless really needed, put on a jumper instead!


1. The Isabel Hospice is the main charity for me and rather than divide my energies and help many in a small way, I’ve decided to support one and give them as much support as I can (www.isabelhospice.org.uk)
2. Draw up a calendar of fundraising activities that I personally will either organise or participate in (better get those running shoes on)
3. Can I volunteer my services or help in any way? I’ve made contact whilst writing this blog

All of us can make a difference and as a business, can you say you are doing enough? Corporate social responsibility is just good business, take time to think and see what you can do, good luck.

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