Huntswood launches endowment compensation calculator

Amanda Jarvis

November 17, 2004

The calculator will reduce the cost implication to the industry by over 90 per cent.
Huntswood Outsourcing is providing a high quality solution at an affordable price to the industry.  With the number of mortgage endowment complaints forecast to exceed 200,000 the cost of calculating the compensation, using the current provider, is huge.  Companies must meet the FSA’s RU89 guidelines and the only software available, until today, which meets the criteria has over the last year become extremely costly.
David Brownlow, Chief Executive of Huntswood Outsourcing, commented: “We believe this mortgage endowment redress calculator is a necessary move for the industry due to the spiralling cost of the process – an increase of 15 times for some of the bigger players. Reducing the costs of calculations will be a significant benefit to all those in the industry faced with the current levels of mortgage endowment complaints. Outsourced solutions are increasingly seen as the answer to the challenges laid down by the regulatory environment in which the financial services industry operates.”
The new calculator will be priced at £400 per workstation per month. Calculations currently cost many companies up to £55 a case and with the new calculator this will be reduced to just £2 a case. This represents a saving of over 90% against the cost of using other comparable products available in the market.
The calculator can be licensed directly from Huntswood and for further information interested parties should contact Craig Coffield on 0870 794 0794.
For further details of Huntswood’s range of compliance, customer services, consulting, audit and training solutions, companies should visit www.huntswood.com http://www.huntswood.com

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