IERAA and Charterhouse in partnership

Nia Williams

November 20, 2009

Anthony Harris the Chairman of IERAA said “We are excited by the prospect of working in partnership with CRS as we look to provide high quality ethical advice by experienced independent specialists to more clients across the UK.”

Terry Pritchard, managing director of CRS, said: “We share the same aim as IERAA which is to increase the industry and public awareness of the benefits of receiving advice from experienced independent specialists. The two companies working together can only further that cause, and CRS can help organisations like IERRA, by making sure they have the right tools to do the job.”

Charterhouse is an Equity Release Services company that offers a wide range of solutions to those in the ER market, including lead generation, marketing assistance and a referral model for those intermediaries without permissions. The company was originally founded by Michael Holt and has Michael Bolton (former edeus CEO) as a director

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