IF launches 48-hour mortgage promise

Amanda Jarvis

November 26, 2004

IF's head of intermediary sales, Brian Ewing, said: “Brokers want cases processed quickly and accurately. When your profession is mortgage sales, there can be nothing more frustrating than delays in processing. We are confident that we can deliver our Mortgage Promise as long as the broker provides the necessary documentation in the mortgage pack to support the application and a valuation has been done on the property by the time we receive the pack.”

He added: “By working together, we can ensure that cases are processed quickly. This reflects well on us as a lender but, more importantly, leaves clients with a good impression on the service provided by the broker. This can be crucial in building a long-term relationship with clients.”

IF recently asked almost 1,000 brokers what factors influenced their decision to place business. Service has highlighted by around 30 per cent of respondants.

Brian concluded: “Brokers have set expectations of what service they should receive. Unlike direct consumers, brokers are placing mortgage cases day in day out and know what kind of response they want from their chosen lender. We believe that service will be the differentiating factor for any successful lender in our new FSA-regulated mortgage world.”

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